Our Story
Our aim is to combine good design with function so that customers will switch from disposable products to re-usable ones.
About Us

LessMore Products assists your sustainable living by combining design, innovation, materials and supply management.

Our small yet diverse team of four is based in Manchester, UK. Sustainable living is what we practice and what we would like to advocate by designing and manufacturing eco-products to replace non-sustainable ones.
Our new product came about as an evolutionary progression from a team member who is keen on oral health through dental lab work experiences . We saw the need to create a flosser which would clean all the teeth in a precise way, whilst also being comfortable and easy to use. The smooth and sleek aesthetics were derived from these factors.

Millions of people are using and binning floss-picks everyday. We have made both the flosser and the dispenser re-usable to avoid throwing away single-use plastics.

We are happy that our products can save you money while saving the planet. We will continue the journey with you

The Team